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Hey guys! Before I introduce myself and the album, I'd like to make something that I feel is important clear for everyone, so that there is no confusion or a need to feel like you have to give me anything for this produced album of mashups.

I am gladly providing all of these mashup tracks free of charge, but you will notice that there is a 'name your own price' option. I'd like everyone to be clear that if you do choose to give me some sort of money here, it is not at all intended to be payment for these tracks. It is instead a completely separate and optional donation given to me because you appreciate the way I produce these, and/or appreciate what I do in mashup production in general.

If you are curious about how any donations will be used, they have gone to studio equipment in the past, but more currently, they will be used to buy music sources (including songs from bandcamp)!

By giving me any form of donation payment, you are agreeing that you understand this, thank you. Now that that's out of the way...

Hi, I'm YITT, and this is my first mashup album! I am happy to provide you these musical tinkerings free of charge as a display of how all music is more similar than different, and that all music should be celebrated instead of divided and fought over. I also really invite you to check out and buy the original artists' work that I used as instruments in my tracks, as my work here is only a partial, transformative version of their original musical appeal.

I hope you all enjoy! See you on the outside!


released August 3, 2015




YITT California

California-based mashup producer known for commonly employing a duet-style approach to multiple song vocals in mashups.

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Track Name: See You On The Outside
There you are!

Been trying to get ahold of you for awhile now.
You don't really remember me.

Who am I?

I can't tell you in a way you'd understand.
Don't worry about names.
I'm a close friend.

I need your help..
..but there's no way to explain how right now.
I have to go now, but I'll help you as much as I can.

When this is over and you leave this place, I'll see you again.

Before I go, I'll sing you my song

Oh yeah. If you need to give me a name, the closest word I can think of is..

See you on the outside.


Close your eyes

I don't wanna stand still
to be away from
the one who takes me home

I've been looking for a chance to cross the line
To be the fire

I'm holding on
Blame it on me
Myself was never enough for me
You're the change in me tonight
Blame it on me

This could be Love
You inspire the lost and found

One last time
I need to show you what it feels like
Heaven sent the Outside

One more time
Oh, my God
we did everything right
Can't find the words
Blame it on Love tonight
It's all on me

I'll show you what it feels like
This could be the Outside
You just bought a shot on me
We did everything right
Now I call the shots

Oh, it's gonna be forever
Or it's gonna go down in flames
You feel the Love
Tell me when it's over (this could be Love)
If the high was worth the pain

And I know that you've got everything
You're better than me
Here without you, baby
You forgot the world

One last time
We'll take this way too far
The One who takes you home
Take me out, lost and found
I promise that
I've got a blank space, baby, and I'll write your name

It's been a long day
This is for the (Ayo)
Shorty, I don't mind, my friend

We go hide away to the night
Chillin' with the top down
Screamin' like (Ayo)
Everyday people
it's our time

You've come a long way
I know you hear me now
So put it on me

We can do anything
From where we began
I'm slipping down a chain reaction

Hear me now
We are a different kind

(Ayo) Here I go, here I go
Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again

If you love me right
We could be heroes
On and on and on
Me and You
Oh, I'll see you again

We could be heroes
On and on and on

Light it up (Ayo)
For life
Light it up
On and on and on
Light it up
For life
Roll and light it up

I want you to know
that it's our time
I bet my life for you
Do you want me, too?

I want you to know
that I'm all yours
and I want you, do you want me?
We're the same force

I want you to know
that it's so in my head
I'm so in my head
I bet my life for you
the same lie

I really, really, really, really, really, really like you
You and Me run the same course

You made a wish and I fell out of stars aligned
Show you what it feels like
Now I'm on the outside
Take me out
Let's go out on you tonight
I'll show you what it feels like

They're driving fast cars
but they don't know where they're going
In my head

(Take me away)
In the fast lane
Living life without knowing
In my head

And he says we're not done yet
I'll see you again

This is my heartbeat song
and I'm gonna play it
Come and put it down on me
Turn it up (right here) all night long
Until the dawn
Up all night long
What are you waiting for?

This is my heartbeat
You've got to give it up to me
Take it up

Just like they say it in the song
Please, set my heart on fire
Come and put it down on me
What are you waiting for?

Love me like do
Love me like you're gonna go out
Don't leave me hanging without a home
Would have had a doubt
Touch me like you do
Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I
See you on the Outside